Top 10 Google Search APIs to Access Search Results

Are you looking to query Google Search results programmatically, at scale, for any analysis or to build a software or tool? Then you would need a Google Search API.

Google Search APIs are interfaces that allow you to extract google search results. The best google search APIs often let you build websites and programs to let you access SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

One can use these APIs to retrieve search results for specific parameters, depending upon the user’s wish. The use of such APIs help one access and analyze keyword patterns and search results distributions, which is important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects and search competitive analysis. The use of these APIs can also help automate certain SEO processes. Below is a list of top google search APIs that extract SERP results, along with their particular features and prices:

Top 10 Google Search APIs:

Top 10 Google Search APIs: 

The following APIs retrieve search results from Google while being extremely developer-friendly, and are easily accessible. These APIs all have their own benefits to offer. Comparing them with each other will help you decide which API works best for your needs: 

1. Google Custom Search API


The Google Custom Search API allows you to build your own programmable search engine. You can choose to have your search engine return both web and image results. The search engine can be configured to return results from a specific site, or from multiple sites about a particular topic. 

The Google Search API also lets you further customize your search engine by giving you a choice to select from two additional resources. They are the Programmable Search Element Control API, and the Custom Search JSON API. The former allows you to embed programmable search elements in your applications using standard JavaScript, while the latter lets you develop websites to retrieve results from using Programmable Search Engine. 

The JSON API uses RESTful requests to get search results in JSON format. While the standard search element has no limit of search requests for a day, the JSON API limits its queries to 10,000 per day. 


The Standard Search Element is free for use by anybody, while the JSON API costs $5 per thousand queries. 

2. SerpApi


The SerpApi is one of the best google search APIs to use if one wants instant results. Each API request runs in a full browser and solves captcha codes as well so that the results are exactly what the user sees. 

It also has a “location” parameter which returns search results from any location around the world. SerpApi returns results in the JSON format, which means the resulting data is always structured. Data is returned not only in the organic format but also as maps, knowledge graphs, direct answers, etc.

SerpApi also provides its users with a ‘Legal US shield’ and thus assumes scraping and parsing liabilities for the user companies. 


The SerpApi has a monthly pricing plan which can be canceled anytime.

The first plan provides for 5,000 searches a month for $50. It comes with a free trial as well.

The second plan includes 15,000 searches a month and costs $130, and comes with the ‘Legal US Shield’.

The last plan has an additional ‘Medium Throughput’ feature and costs $250 for 30,000 searches a month. 

3. SerpWow


SerpWow returns SERP data from search engines other than Google as well. It parses results from Bing, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, among others.

The returned data can be accessed in multiple formats, like JSON, CSV, or HTML. SerpWow is one of the google search APIs with an inbuilt location parameter – which helps you localize your searches. It requires no additional manual rules, or web scrapers, and is thus maintenance-free. 


SerpApi provides a free 100-search trial. Besides that, they have three monthly plans for their users, called Starter, Production, and BigData.

Starter costs $45 for 5,000 searches; Production costs $120 for 15,000 searches, and BigData allows for 30,000 searches a month for $230. The users will have to pay extra for each extra search, depending on the plan they have purchased. 

4. GeoRanker API


GeoRanker has a SERP API as part of its suite of APIs that also include a Rank Tracker API, a Keywords API, and a Maps API.

You can set parameters and get data on the results people from a specific location can access. Moreover, GeoRanker also provides customized crawling services – which not only acquire data through scraping but also provide you with keyword research and local citation tools. Users can extract SEO data, and also use this API for voice search and image crawling. 


They have multiple plans, which range from 300$-750$ for up to 750,000 monthly requests, to plans that cost 1500$-3000$ for requests up to 4.5M per month. 

5. Serpstack

Features:  Serpstack provides full search engine coverage – that is to say, it returns web, images, videos, news, and maps as google search results. It is a highly customizable search API, which means it allows the user to modify the automated results based on parameters like location, device, language, etc.

This easy to use API returns results in JSON and CSV, which are compatible with any programming language. Serpstack also provides a high level of security as all its data streams are protected using 256-bit SSL Encryption. 


Serpstack offers monthly as well as yearly paid plans. Up to a hundred searches per month are free, however, this plan only returns JSON results. JSON and CSV results are returned in paid plans, which range from $29.99 per month for 5,000 searches to $199.99 for 50,000 searches in a month. 

6. Zenserp 


Zenserp API tries to mimic human search behavior as much as possible in its search data. As such, the API parameters are highly customizable depending on each user’s specific needs. As one of the best google search APIs out there, Zenserp returns not only organic and paid search data, but it also has additional SERP types including but not limited to answer box, featured snippet, maps, top story, etc. 


The free Zenserp plan allows for 50 searches a month. Zenserp has additional monthly and yearly plans. The smallest plan (USD 30) allows for 5,000 searches per month to the largest (USD 400) which allows for 120,000 searches in a month. 

7. Data For SEO Serp API


Data For SEO has a Serp API as one of its many APIs for SEOs. It specializes in providing structured SERP data for SEO purposes. It thus not only collects but also analyzes search results to come up with keyword analysis.

It covers search engines beyond Google as well and is a hassle-free API as users do not need to constantly monitor variables like proxies or networks for data parsing. It provides results in JSON and raw HTML. Users can also set the device and the OS that they want data for. 


While Data for SEO has a free trial option, what sets it apart from other APIs is its pay-as-you-go pricing model, with an initial purchase of USD 50, that can be used across its suite of APIs for SEOs. You only need to pay for the API credits you have used, and there are no long term commitments required. 

8. SerpHouse


SerpHouse API provides its users with tools to employ more favorable outcomes in their API results. SerpHouse presents its users with the top 100 SERP results for a keyword, specific to the chosen search engine. It helps design optimized content, detect and fix website issues, and smoothen the process of data collection. SerpHouse also employs Google Knowledge Graph API that lets people identify your business and reach out to you. 


The free plan allows for 200 live and 200 delayed SERPs. The paid plans include 1000 delayed and live SERPs each for $9.99 per month, and 6000 delayed and live SERPs for $49.99

9. Rapid API’s Google Search API 


The RapidAPI Google Search API allows for an unlimited number of searches via API. This API also bypasses the need to fill out captchas. It returns SERP results with titles, links, and descriptions. 


It has a free monthly plan which limits the users to 10 requests a day. A flexible plan costs $0.001 per search. Other plans include $100 for 500,000 requests a month and $499 per month for unlimited API calls. 

10. Scaleserp


Scaleserp gives you Google Search data, as it would appear on various devices (desktop, tablet, or mobile). The data can be accessed in JSON, CSV or HTML and can be retrieved from any geographic location worldwide. 


Scaleserp gives you 125 free searches every month. The paid plans start from USD 4 per month (for 250 searches).

Google Search APIs Pricing Comparison

Top Google Search APIs Pricing Comparison Table

This is a list of 10 of the top google search APIs that can be used by users for returning Google SERP results. Each of these APIs have specific features that make them suitable for various tasks, whether that is Keyword Analysis or Localized Search Options. A comparative analysis of the features of each API against their pricing options will help you select the best API for your use.

Need help with picking the right Google Search API tool? Do let us know in the comments below.

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